TeaLife Recommended by a Naturopath!

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“As a naturopath my desire is to always honour the power of nature in a persons healing. TeaLife does just that. Their wellness line of teas harnesses the power of natural , organic ingredients through tea blends that bring healing, relief and wellness to the whole person – mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend TeaLife when it comes to loose leaf teas and your health.”

Rabia K. Meghji, Dr Naturopathic Medical Director 

As wellness enthusiasts at TeaLife we are always engaging in relationships with like minded people. Dr. Rabia K. Meghji is one of those!

In 2016 we did a tea tasting at her clinic in Calgary. Alberta – Docere Wellness Centre. It was the start of a wonderful relationship. Docere Wellness Centre began to carry TeaLife teas that go hand in hand with the vision and core values of the clinic.

… to treat the whole person, not the illness
… to address the root cause and not just treat symptoms
… to honour the healing power of nature

It was through these core values that  Dr. Rabia K. Meghji came to believe in the quality and effectiveness of TeaLife teas, specifically the Wellness Line From detoxing to chemo to cold and flu – the Wellness Line partners with her patients to give them natural options to treat and bring relief.

In the Fall of 2016 Dr. Rabia K. Meghji moved forward with a formal endorsement of TeaLife and their Wellness Line of teas. The power of nature brings healing and loose leaf teas are one of those things that nature offers us. We appreciate our new partnership with Docere Wellness Clinic and look forward to 2017 being a year of health and wellness!

Visit Docere Wellness Clinic Website and learn more about this amazing clinic!