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3 Bite Size Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Life

Sometimes the most challenging thing, is when we want to take massive action to improve our life, it leads us to huge action steps that can feel daunting, overwhelming, and eventually lead to inaction… Have you ever noticed that? You get all roweled up and excited about your new improved life, only to have it pitter out within a few days or even hours? There could be several reasons for this… Internal fear, distraction, personal judgment, negative self talk. So many deadlines to things that don’t even matter, or excuses we create for ourselves that end us up in the exact same place we were before.

Well, I believe in a couple of things. Consistency is Key and Baby Steps, are the way to go. If you can take a few things in your life and make small adjustments on a consistent basis, your life may change in a big way without even noticing. All of a sudden you wake up and you’re living a new and improved version of yourself with a healthy strong body, clear mind, and purpose. Sounds awesome right?

Here are three things you can do in small bite size ways on a consistent basis to help improve your life:

1. A Glass of Water. When you wake up in the morning head to the kitchen and have a glass of water or lemon water. If you haven’t done this before, you can start now. Staying hydrated can improve a number of things for you. Having that first glass in the morning will nourish your body and mind in a positive way.

2. Take a Walk. This can mean so many things to different people. And that is exactly the point. The idea is to be active in a new way. Whether that is taking a walk around the block, parking further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing some weight lifting with a can of soup. Literally anything works! The ultimate goal is to do more movement than you would have before, on a consistent basis. Eventually that will build up over time and improve your body physically.

3. Make One Beverage Switch. If you enjoy a glass of juice in the morning, a pop pick me up in the afternoon, or some added ingredients into your tea or coffee, the idea is to make 1 healthy switch. Either look for a healthy alternative to one glass of juice or pop such as more water, soda water, tea or coffee. Or take out the cream and sugar and try your tea or coffee black.  Why? Even by switching one thing in your daily beverage intake is usually something you won’t notice, and by doing so can benefit you in a big way. Tiny changes here and there to your food and drink will improve your health over time. (For example 1 tbsp of cream is 30 calories, times 5 a week equals 150 calories, times 52 weeks a year equals 2.5 lbs you didn’t even notice). Small changes equal to big results.

So there you have it! Three little things you can start with to do on a daily basis. The idea is to be consistent, so if that means setting yourself a reminder, than go for it. Whatever will work to get you on track to a healthier and happier you.

Even if you just read this post it may spark something in you at a later time, which you never thought of before. For example, whenever I get out of my car all I can think of is my dad saying “Don’t leave your purse in the car”. Which is something he told me a long time ago that has just stuck with me. So hopefully these tips stick with you too in a positive way.

Wishing you all the best!!


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