From the US?

Welcome! We are so excited you’ve decided to stop by and check out our site and delicious teas. One thing we wanted to mention, is that TeaLife is operated in Canada. Which means that all of the pricing you see on the site and any orders you place will be processed in Canadian dollars.

That being said, you don’t have to do anything different when it comes to checking out your shopping cart. Your credit card or Paypal will do all the hard lifting for you, and convert your order into your currency based on the daily exchange rate.

For example: If your order at checkout is $100 CAD, depending on the going exchange rate your order may end up being closer to $75 US.

The CAD to US exchange rate changes on a daily basis, however we will try out best to update it frequently, especially if there is a drastic change.

Current Exchange Rate: $1 CAD = $0.74 US

Thanks for reading and your understanding. Happy Tea-ing!!