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Do you have a cause, event or group in need of a fundraiser?

Are you looking for something that’s healthy, yummy and revenue attractive?

Fantastic, TeaLife can help with that!

Our Fundraising Opportuni-Tea has been designed to be easy and profitable.

Here’s how it works… 



  • Choose the dates for and length of the fundraiser;
  • Empower, encourage and educate your army of fundraisers;
  • Earn a 30% “commission” on all products sold;
  • Get a personalized link to our website to capture online sales;
  • Receive the ordered products 2-3 weeks after the fundraiser end date;
  • And of course, YOU receive a cheque in the name of your organization when the fundraiser is complete.


  • Work with you to design a program to fit your specific needs;
  • Set you up with a dedicated TeaLife rep to be your guide and support system along the way;
  • Create an event listing for you on our Main TeaLife Facebook page;
  • Provide all of the necessary documents including order forms, current seasonal flyers and a price list with all of our available teas;
  • Treat the organizers to a little Tea Treat…we know how much work it is to put one of these things together, so a 50g bag of our Stress Relief tea will make its way to YOUR doorstep.
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TeaLife is Proudly a Canadian company, we encourage drinking loose organic tea as part of a healthy lifestyle and are honoured that you’ve chosen us to partner with us to accommodate your Fundraising needs.

For more information, contact us directly at