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Do you have a cause, event or group in need of a fundraiser?

Are you looking for something that’s healthy, yummy and revenue attractive?

Fantastic, TeaLife can help with that!

Our Fundraising Opportuni-Tea has been designed to be easy and profitable.

Here’s how it works… 




  • Choose the dates for and length of the fundraiser.
  • Empower, encourage and educate your army of fundraisees, so they can share the event.
  • Earn a 30% “commission” on all products sold.
  • Get a personalized link to our website to capture online sales.
  • Track the website visitors and sales in your own back office.
  • Create an Email, Newsletter or FB Event with all the details on how to order.
  • And of course, YOU receive a cheque in the name of your organization when the fundraiser is complete.


  • Work with you to design a program to fit your specific needs.
  • Set you up with a dedicated TeaLife rep to be your guide and support system along the way.
  • Create an event listing for you on our Main TeaLife Facebook page.
  • Provide a personalize link you can share with your group and community, so they can begin shopping online right away.
  • Offer support to anyone that has questions via our email.
  • Offer an extra bonus with a blog write up detailing your Group and Cause to give you extra exposure.
  • Process all of the orders and have them shipped directly to the purchaser.

Benefits of an Online Fundraiser with TeaLife

  • It is Free To Do and no cost to you.
  • It can be up and Running within 24-48 Hours.
  • There are No Product Restraints. All product on the website can be purchased and credited to the fundraiser.
  • It is available for people to Shop 24/7 across Canada and the US.
  • We Accept a Number Forms of Payment (Credit Card, Visa Debit, Paypal). So you don’t have to worry about handling cash.
  • We can offer Ongoing Support and Communication before, during and after the event.
  • We can Answer Any Questions people may have via our Support Email.
  • All of the Orders are Tracked, and we would give you access to the back office so you can see website visitors and sales that come through.
  • We can add your event to our FB Page for Extra Exposure.
  • We can even Write a Blog About Your Group and cause, to share on our website and FB page.



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TeaLife is Proudly a Canadian company, we encourage drinking loose organic tea as part of a healthy lifestyle and are honoured that you’ve chosen us to partner with us to accommodate your Fundraising needs.

For more information, contact us directly at