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Receive 30% off all of our product and amazing bonuses throughout the year.

You decide what works best for you! Whether you are an avid tea user or would like to dabble in an online tea business, we're happy to have you.

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You have so many amazing benefits to get started as an online tea ambassador of TeaLife:

For a limited time we are offering our sign up for FREE. Typically we charge a $9.95 sign up fee to get started, however until the end of August you can enjoy the rewards at no extra cost to you.

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Decide on what works best for you and begin steeping your online TeaLife business today! 

What are the amazing benefits??

> 30% off all of our product.

>Free personalized website.

> Access to bonuses and promotions that happen throughout the year.

> Be part of our FB TeaLife Info Group for extra support.

> Share the product through online avenues and social media.

> Get instant access to the back office to start shopping today.


Please note you will receive access once you sign up. You will then receive a Welcome Email which will allow you to log in to the back office and get started right away!

This is available for residents of Canada and the US.

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