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TEA 101

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Welcome to TEA 101 where we discuss some of the basic information about tea to get you started on your tea journey.

6 Different Types of Tea, all come from the same plant Camellia Sinensis:

White, Green (Matcha), Yellow, Puerh, Oolong and Black.

Other types of “tea”, also known as Herbal or Fruit Infusions or Tisanes:

Herbal, Fruit, Rooibos, Mate.

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Tea is overall great for your health. Although everyone reacts differently to tea, tea can be beneficial in many ways:

  • Great for overall digestion and it boosts your immune system and metabolism.
  • Contains tannins and antioxidants.
  • Helps with mental focus and concentration.
  • May reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • May help prevent precancerous cells.
  • Great for the skin, bones and teeth.
  • Helps keep the body balanced, including cholesterol,  blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Little to no calories, depending if you add anything to your tea.


White/Green/Yellow Tea: Bring fresh water to 80C and steep 1 tsp per cup for 1-3 minutes.

Puerh/Oolong/Black/Rooibos/Mate: Bring fresh water to a boil and steep 1 tsp per cup for 3-5 minutes.

Herbal/Fruit: Bring fresh water to a boil and steep 1-2 tsp per cup for 5-8 minutes.

Matcha: Bring fresh water to 80C, mix 1 -4 tsps of Matcha in with water and stir. Can be enjoyed cold or hot, in smoothies, protein shakes baking etc. Its a fine powder so all thats required is to mix it in.

**Timing varies based on the person and the desired strength of the tea liquor**

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