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Travel Tips from a Tea Drinker Trying to Eat Healthy

I am literally on a flight right now, and as I am thinking about what to write about, I figured why not discuss what I am going through at this moment. What do I find challenging these days? I am working at eating healthy on a consistent basis…. This means avoiding processed sugars, non-complex carbs, and limiting dairy. However, if you are like me, where I get into a groove, and I am doing pretty well and happy with myself. I then have to travel somewhere and it all goes to shit. Just an hour ago the stewardess passes me a bag of pretzels and a package of cookies. Both! I’ve never felt so luxurious and tempted in my life, haha.

Yep, that’s me. I have the best-laid intentions, and then they all go out the window when my scenery changes. Now I don’t mean scenery as in leaving the house to go to the grocery store. I mean driving long distances to visit relatives, flying to a different city for work. Wherever the travel destination may be, keeping up with the healthy lifestyle can get neglected when the road calls me.

So what to do? Of course you don’t want to be rude to the people you are seeing, and those morning donuts in the conference room do look tempting… Well here are some words of wisdom if you will.

*As a side note: I am typing this sentence and they are coming down the aisle for round two of cookies and pretzels. Haha, classic.

1. I tell It How It Is. I recently visited some family and going to be visiting family on this trip. So what I did was make an announcement prior to arrival. I connected with said family and let them know I am working on eating healthier and would like to not have a bunch of extra food purchased for my arrival. This can be a pain point, but sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the balls.

2. I Try to Carve Out a Little Time for Physical Activity. Truth? I couldn’t find my runners before I left for the airport this morning, however I will be doing some form of exercise while I am away. Like going for a walk (in my boots), or doing some stuff I can attempt in a small room like stretching, push ups, sit ups, squats, leg lifts, bum raises, planks, stairs etc.

3. Bring a Personal Water Bottle. I am one of those people, if I get involved or focused on something I forget to drink water. And I don’t like spending money on water bottles because I feel it’s a waste of money. (Not for my body but my wallet) Luckily I have my trusty water bottle that keeps track of my water intake for me (it was a gift, because I probably wouldn’t have bought it for myself). And the great thing about airports or other locations, is they usually have a place you can fill up your water bottle. So this way I can put it through security empty, fill up on the other side. And make sure I stay hydrated during my travels.

4. I Limit My Beverage Intake. I am sure you are thinking, “I am out of town on a fun trip and I want to indulge a little.” That’s fine and dandy, but I like to indulge in moderation. Do I need that milkshake, latte, baileys and coffee, and pina colada in one day? Hmmm, delicious, but no. It sounds like a good time, but your body will despise you after. So if you must indulge, try it on a smaller level, spread it out over the course of your trip or try a healthier alternative. Like a latte with skim milk, a regular coffee or tea, soda water with lime and vodka. You get my drift… Going to try and be less preachy.

5. I Eat Less and Smaller Portions. I am saying this as a reminder to myself as well, because I just got back from a trip and I didn’t do this. Let’s face it, the food is good, especially when it is homemade and you don’t have to cook it yourself. So going forward I am going to attempt smaller portions on my plate, and only have one serving instead of two. If you are wanting more, try going for the veggies instead of the potatoes.

6. I Refrain from Over Snacking. If the food is in front of me, I am going to eat it. And I am serious this is a big one for me… It gets put out there on the “snack table”, and I am the first in line. Why? I am not sure, maybe it’s because I grew up with two brothers and I had to fend for my food. But either way, I always want a piece of the pie so to speak. So long story short, if there are snacks laid out, keep it to one portion and eat slowly.

7. I Am More Mindful. And finally as I make my decent into the lovely city of Toronto… They say when you are more mindful about what you put in your mouth, it makes you more full faster. So I take my time eating and drinking. Be aware of all that is before you, chew slowly, drink water in between bites, and enjoy it while not being distracted by the TV.

I hope these little tidbits and observations help while you are on your travels. For me the worst feeling is making all that progress and then find yourself right back where you were because you were on the road. And then you have to start from scratch. Believe me I’ve been there (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, all the big holidays lol)… but that is another story.

So take care out there and safe travels!!


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